Causes fatigue and abdominal complaints

Fatigue and abdominal complaints can have several causes. The complaints can for example be caused by sleep deprivation, excessive work pressure, jet lag, dehydration / dehydration or excessive enjoyment of the nightlife.

Consequences of fatigue and abdominal complaints

Fatigue makes you feel exhausted, you have a reduced concentration and you feel listless. Almost everyone knows how intestinal cramps and nausea can negatively influence your functioning, vitality and mood.

Infusion against fatigue and abdominal complaints

Are you tired of your fatigue and stomach complaints? The Sensitive drip has been specially developed for people who can use an energy boost to forget their fatigue for a long time. 

The body-repairing infusion can refresh your body and help the body recover from the toughest days and nights. This infusion against fatigue is very suitable for people with a low energy level and people who suffer a lot from their gastrointestinal tract.