Leaky Gut Syndrome

Healthy intestines always need a certain permeability to be able to absorb nutrients. The intestinal wall can be damaged for various reasons. If this is the case, there are "gaps" in the intestinal wall that can cause all kinds of substances from the intestines to enter the bloodstream that do not belong there. You then have a leaky gut.

Fortunately, it is possible to cure this by using. a diet and / or supplements and a drip cure. You can determine whether you are suffering from leaky gut syndrome by, for example, doing a calprotectin test. This measures the increased permeability of the intestine. A blood test (to show antibodies against certain foods) and bowel movements can of course also be done and there are now tests that you can get from the pharmacy.

Causes ao :

Infections in the stomach and / or intestines - Frequent use of NSAID or antibiotics - Imbalance in intestinal bacteria - too few proteins in the diet (these are necessary for building the intestinal mucosa) - food allergy - toxic substances - candida (yeast on mucous membranes) - stomach acid inhibitors - too little stomach acid - stress - ...


The symptoms can be very different. One can get complaints such as rheumatism, migraine, intestinal complaints but also depression can be a result of leaky gut syndrome. You may suffer from digestive problems, weakened immune system (joint complaints, eczema, autoimmune diseases, allergic reactions, asthma, ...), mental and hormonal complaints (chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression, brainfog, migraine, ...)

Treatment advice:

Diet: no longer eat sugars, carbohydrates and grain. Fruit is allowed to a limited extent.

Nutrition and supplements: in addition to fermented food products (eg yogurt, kefir and sauerkraut all contain healthy gut bacteria) and good proteins (meat, fish, eggs, vegetables) there are also a number of supplements that can help the intestines with recovery (of course always in consultation with your practitioner): - L-Glutamine, probiotics, zinc, omega-3 fatty acids, Vit. A and D

Treatment plan: Below you will find our advice. This advice is the result of specific research into this issue, in collaboration with the many users and years of experience of the health professionals. You start with the diet and the ampoules from AB-Slim and Healthy +. By using AB-Slim and Healthy + products, the brain's control center, the hypothalamus, will direct the body to a repetitive breakdown of fatty acids called beta-oxidation.

Then = 2 infusion treatments every 14 days. We then discuss with you whether the treatment will be continued with 2 more infusions. Then 1 infusion every month for 6 months. It remains important at this stage that you continue to eat low carbohydrates until your body indicates that the problems are gone.