Oral vs intravenous administration 

Medication and supplements can be administered in different ways.

A commonly used format is the distinction of how food and supplements get into our body. Through our gastrointestinal tract (enteral) or outside our gastrointestinal tract (parenterally).



The most commonly used way of adminstration is oral. If it's absorbed into the bloodstream, it will, depending on the product, act as intended. 

How long it takes for a product to work depends on multiple factors. Not only is the way of administration imortant, also if it's administered on a full or empty stomach. On a full stomach, the nature of the food is also important. Besides that, the degree of exercise after administration will determine how fast the product will work. 

However, oral administration also has major disadvantages. Not all products are resistant to the decomposition effect of stomach acid. Some products therefore become ineffective. Others are resistant to stomach acid, but are converted by the liver almost immediately after being absorbed into the blood into inactive products.

The quality of the products also plays a role. Pills used in dietary supplements sometimes contain up to 75% of substances that are unnecessary and burdensome for the body (eg fill-bind and flavorings). Then you only have 25% active substance left, which is also reduced by the stomach acid.

Because of this one has to swallow very large amounts of pills in order to benefit from the active substances, this is certainly the case with the so-called multivitamins.



An infusion is the way to bring a large amount of fluid and nutritional supplements directly into the bloodstream. The major advantage of an infusion lies in the fact that the added products are directly introduced into the blood outside the gastrointestinal tract, which gives the quickest and best effect, without any hindrance.

Complementary Medicine

In our partner clinics, a mix of perfectly matched vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, electrolytes and fluid is directly infused into the bloodstream of the body via an infusion. Thanks to the intravenous administration, the fluid circulates throughout the body in the shortest possible time. 

Our intravenous treatments are offered at several locations in the Netherlands and Belgium. The treatments are always performed by accredited nurses and / or doctors, and are under the auspices of  Dr. Chris Cambré (reg. No.: 1-49456-21-000). The nurses and doctors have many years of experience in introducing an infusion and giving injections.

Before we start treatment, we always start with an extensive intake interview so that you get an idea of ​​what we can do for you. Your blood pressure, oxygen and heart rate are also always measured for each treatment. After that, the doctor will advise the best treatment.