Anti-Hangover Infusion

Was an evening a long night? Did it go from 1 glass to 1 bottle? Did you wake up completely broke and broken with a huge hangover, but do you have to continue today? Then you definitely need this specific infusion! The hangover relief infusion is the ultimate hangover cure.

Cause of a hangover after alcohol

If you have been drinking too much, your liver must work extra hard. Your liver converts the alcohol into the toxic acetaldehyde. This, in turn, must be processed again, but at some point the substances for this detox have been used almost completely. The toxins accumulate and cause the symptoms of a hangover.

The drip against a hangover

The ultimate detox effect of this infusion, as it were, flushes out the toxic residual products of alcohol (acetaldehyde) from your system. With this infusion, the detox will start again at full speed.

This infusion also supplements essential vitamins and electrolytes that have been lost due to alcohol intake. In a short time you can get rid of your symptoms and you can look forward to your day full of energy.