For whom

FibromIV is an infusion that could be used by anyone, but that has been specifically developed for people suffering from fibromyalgia complaints. It is stressful enough to have these symptoms, but it is even worse to feel so sick.

Administration of this infusion with, among other things, balanced vitamin preparations, coenzyme Q10, and a very high percentage of Vitamin C can have a positive effect on your quality of life.

An extensive consultation must first take place, including your blood pressure and oxygen saturation (SaO2).
Following the consultation, the infusion may be adjusted individually if necessary

Fewer complaints means more vitality.


The following symptoms may indicate fibromyalgia:

  • Suffering from tiredness and stiffness when standing up

  • Pain complaints on more than 11 of the 18 so-called 'pain points' (called tender points)

  • Pain spots on both sides of the body

  • Pain and stiffness for more than three months in at least three places in the body

  • Pain spots in the upper body, buttocks or legs Longer (chronically) tired

  • Problems sleeping

  • Muscle aches throughout the body

  • Irritable / spastic bowel Concentration disorders

  • Forgetfulness

  • Mood swings

  • Increased cold feeling

  • Joint pains

  • Depression

  • Feelings of anxiety and panic

Remark: Not all mentioned symptoms / complaints need to be present and also not all symptoms are caused by fibromyalgia alone. All these symptoms do not usually occur simultaneously and not all people with fibromyalgia have the same symptoms.

The above is a brief summary about the fibromyalgia condition. We focus on the treatment plan for fibromyalgia in combination with restoring the quality of life.


Nowadays it is quite possible to treat the symptoms of fibromyalgia and to restore the possible vitamin imbalance.


You will find our advice in the diagram below. This treatment plan is the result of specific research into this method, in collaboration with many users and the many years of experience of health professionals.

You start with 2 infusion treatments every 14 days, then you will be discussed whether the treatment will be continued with 2 more infusion treatments every 14 days, then 1 infusion every month for 6 months.