Symptoms of low vit. B12 

Our body has the ability to store a small amount of B12. That's why it takes a while before you start noticing that you're not getting enough B12. At first, complaints can be vague, and diagosis can be made fairly late. 


  • Tingling sensation in the fingers 

  • Amnesia 

  • Muscle weakness in the legs

  • Fatigue 

  • Muscle strain 

  • Chest tightness 

  • Glossitis (inflamed tongue)

  • Hairloss

  • Headache

  • Nausea

  • Intestinal complaints 

  • General discomfort 

  • Anemia (however, you can have a B12 shortage without getting anemia) 

  • Frequent alcohol consumption (kidneys)

Our B12 injections are given with Hydroxocobalamine HCI with slow release à 2ml (1000 micrograms) per injection.
Slow release injections work best when given in a large muscle (preferably in the thigh muscle)


Recommended dosage to start with:
10 injections of  2ml with a 3-4 day interval 


As needed 1 injection per month or 1 injection every 2 months 


10 injections € 350.00

per injection € 45.00