Skincare from within

Who doesn't want to keep looking young? Skin care is of the utmost importance. Creams, masks and peels approach skin care from the outside.

Healthy skin has healthy blood vessels, which in turn help with the health of your hair and nails. Healthy skin has healthy cells in all layers.
The skin is the most important barrier of your body. This barrier is almost continuously exposed to all kinds of toxic factors and harmful substances.
The beautiful brown color that results from exposure to sunlight is actually a protective system of pigment grains. This system always fails in the end! Sunlight is one of the most important causes of skin aging and skin cancer.

Infusion for beautiful and young skin

Our attractive IV infusion opts for a different route in which the various facets of the skin are taken care of from the base. The infusion contains very strong antioxidants and can  improve the electrolyte balance, making your skin look young and radiant again.